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Sisterlocks™ Packages

Embrace your natural beauty!

Fall in love with your hair all over again at Boujie Locs! Our Sisterlocks™ Packages are a great option for women who want a low-maintenance, versatile hairstyle that is also protective of the hair. Our Packages are all inclusive and typically include:

  • An initial phone consultation with one of our Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultants to discuss your hair goals and expectations

  • A series of 4 visits to ensure your hair locks properly and stays healthy during the locking process

  • Our professional expertise and guidance throughout the entire process.

We also offer a variety of add-on services, such as:

Boujie Locs
  • Retightening Classes

  • In-salon styling services 

  • Maintenance packages 

  • Top-of-the-line products specifically made for Sisterlocks™

Boujie Locs
Boujie Locs

What To Expect

1st Visit

Arrive with clean, air-dried natural hair. DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING (no oil, hair products, etc) TO THE HAIR.  During this session we will discuss your personal hair care history, styling preferences, and lifestyle in order to determine if Sisterlocks™ is the right choice. Expect "TEST LOCKS" to see if they will hold, check sizes, amount of scalp showing, settling-in time, etc. This consultation is essential to both the client and Boujie Locs to ensure that Sisterlocks™ are done in the most suitable way.

2nd Visit

Get as comfortable as possible because we at Boujie Locs establish locks as a team.  Our locking sessions are normally scheduled in one day.  A Sisterlocks™ customer will leave this session with an average of 400 beautiful, meticulously established locks. We will provide a "starter kit" that includes the proper shampoo for starter locks, tiny rubber bands and a tip sheet on grooming and shampooing as your locks settle-in. Be sure to schedule a follow-up visit before leaving. Regular maintenance is the key to gorgeous and healthy Sisterlocks™.

3rd Visit

Unlike many Consultants, we offer a 2 to 3 week follow up visit. It's been our experience that this is the time when the "reality" of the Sisterlocks™ journey hits the client. Here is also when many questions arise and by now the client might have slippage issues following the first wash. This appointment allows the consultant to verify the integrity of and correct issues with locks and serves to ensure that the client has a support system which reinforces information from the initial consultation.  This appointment does not replace the initial retight which is also a standard for the Sisterlocks™ Package nor will we collect a separate fee for this appointment.

4th Visit

This is the very first retight since locks were established.  We normally schedule this appointment 5 to 6 weeks after lock establishment.  By this time the hair is adopting it’s own personality and becoming easier to manage.  At this appointment the consultant will be able to monitor the integrity of locks, tighten them up and offer an idea of how long the settling-in process is likely to take. This is a great time to begin discussing styling tips for the "total look" that is right for you.

Ready to start your Sisterlocks™ journey?

We'd love to speak with you! Send us your info and one of our Certified Consultants will be in touch shortly.

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